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If you buy illegal goods, then of course you care about how it will be delivered. No one wants neighbors or co-workers at work to find out exactly what and where you buy. Fortunately, on Kraken delivery is provided in such a way that no one will ever know about your purchases. Let's discuss shipping in more detail.

It all depends on what exactly you buy in Kraken Onion stores. If this is some kind of secret information, hacked databases or something similar, then the delivery will actually take place online. Your purchase will simply be sent to your email. If the goods you are taking are documents, then most likely you will use postal boxes - parcel terminals. This way the seller will pack and place the parcel in the compartment, and you come and pick her up. No one will know what exactly is in your package. If we are talking about narcotic substances purchased on the kraken сайт, then in this case delivery will take place through a cache, treasure or trench in the most unvisited place in your city. Whatever the delivery, everything is done to ensure that your identity is not revealed.